LP Project Service gMBh

More than 20 years experience in plant engineering

Founded in year 2000 at Noerdlingen/Germany, worldwide active: LP Project Service GmbH at Noerdlingen design and install  taylormade process plants for Dairies, Breweries and Mineralwater plants. Our customers enjoy more than 20 years of  experience in process engineering – and our All-around-Service, from consultancy and design up to installation and after sale service.


Michael Durant

In business since 2015. MD since October 2018.

Telephone: +49 9081 29007-17
Mail: michael.durant@lpps.de

Manfred Rieker

Founder and MD 2000 until 2018. 

Telephone: +49 9081 29007-12
Mail: manfred.rieker@lpps.de

Our Team

 Our team is built from Process engineers for food technology as well as machine and electrical technicians, CAD specialists and Site managers.  The Team of LP Project Service take care every step of your project. 

Office team

Herbert Kalinna
Tel.: +49 9081 29007-13
Mail: herbert.kalinna@lpps.de

Christopher Lübke
Tel.: +49 9081 29007-14
Mail: christopher.luebke@lpps.de

Anton Schiele
Tel.: +49 9081 29007-15
Mail: anton.schiele@lpps.de

Dieter Sandmaier
Tel.: +49 9081 29007-16
Mail: dieter.sandmaier@lpps.de

Marko Werner
Tel.: +49 151 18461768
Mail: marko.werner@lpps.de

Manuel Lübke
Tel.: +49 9081 29007-18
Mail: manuel.luebke@lpps.de

Karin Birau
Tel.: +49 9081 29007-0
Mail: info@lpps.de


founding year
staff at the beginning
staff today
realized projects world-wide

Successful change of generation

Founded in 2000 by Manfred Rieker as a small company with 3 technicians
In the first years business was focusing on sales of components and spare parts to sales partners in Asia.
But target was always Engineering and Projects in beverage industry.
2002/2003 first projects in the brewing industry in Brasil, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam, but also in Germany.
2007 change of company into a Pty ltd.
October 2015 employing of Michael Durant, and first step in change to new generation. 2017 Mr. Durant becomes MD of company and share holder of it.
His process technology opened new markets in the milk and mineral water industry. Those industries became major business sectors beside the brewing.industry.
Today LP Project Service GmbH employs 12 engineers, technician and officers and realizes projects all over the world.


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