Why automation?

Automation of Process plants provides a lot of advantages: Automatic process control provides Safety for staff (i.e. at automatic working CIP Plants),  no losses by mistakes (i.e. wrong position of swing-bends). Further processes can be optimized and         safe  costs.

Depending on scope of work we provide optimum solution:

Extension or modernizing of existing plants
LP Project Service integrates new Units into existing processes and on existing automation systems.

Automation of new plants
LP Project Service realizes and automates new process plants as per your request.


  • Automation of process plants; Re-construction and expansions of plants
  • Fully and Semiautomatic Plants
  • Design, delivery and installation of automated process systems
  • Supply of control boxes and MCC's
  • Software development and Visualization
  • All common systems (WinCC, Braumat, Proleit etc.)
  • Supply of automated Process Units (CIP-Plants, Pasteurizers)


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